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Sci-Fi Infrastructure, Rubble, Ruins and Robots for DungeonDraft, Wonderdraft and Other World Mapper

Sci-fi infrastructure, robots and ruins… for after the giant mech stomps through your city. DungeonDraft_pack, Wonderdraft folder structure, generic PNGs for Other World Mapper and virtual tabletop use.


Cartoon Style Sci-Fi Infrastructure for DungeonDraft

Everything has a version that is colorable! Everything has a lights version and a shadows version. Rubble and nice versions of all of the buildings.

Buildings, robots and more. 5 tarmac textures included as terrain, pattern, and path. Modular fence pieces included as path and as objects to maximize the building compound you can create. Want to build interiors? Pairs perfectly with Sci-Fi Floors, Portals, Walls, Paths, Lights and Terrain for DungeonDraft

sci-fi infrastructure for DungeonDraft demo map towers, tanks, mining, security, fences, robots
DungeonDraft demo.

Install by placing the .dungeondraft_pack in your DungeonDraft assets folder and activating in the DungeonDraft asset manager.

Cartoon Style Sci-Fi Infrastructure for WonderDraft

Download the .zip containing the WonderDraft file structure and place it in your WonderDraft assets folder.

Contains colorable versions. Contains small and larger versions of the infrastructure. The 5 tarmac textures are included as a ‘ground’ texture and as paths.

sci-fi infrastructure for Wonderdraftdemo map towers, tanks, mining, security, fences, robots

Sci-Fi Infrastructure and Towers for Other World Mapper

All files included are compatible with Other World Mapper! Install the pngs found in the Wonderdraft folder structure directly with OWM’s image manager for the best experience.

For those of you who follow my Roll20 shop, this pack contains both Sci-Fi Infrastructure and Retro Robots packed up as 1 pack. The file is too big for CartographyAssets to host. Purchasing will give you a .docx file containing links! You will find the download links for the huge .dungeondraft_pack and Wonderdraft .zip in the .docx file.

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The item has been verified to work with Dungeondraft, Roll20, Wonderdraft.

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