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A DungeonDraft exclusive: sci-fi floors, paths, portals, lights, terrain, door objects, pillar objects, patterns.
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Sci-Fi Battlemaps in Dungeon Draft

This pack includes a bunch of tools to assist your sci-fi battlemap making in DungeonDraft. Comes with a .dungeondraft_pack only! This pack is designed to use DungeonDraft’s specific needs and I don’t see it being super useful on its own as separate pngs, but if you want them, reach out and I’ll get you the unpacked version.

Images show examples of what you can make in about five minutes with this pack… I tried to show all of the examples of the flooring and doors in the demos.

You’ll find

  • 6 wall styles.
  • 50 light shapes.
  • 40 path styles, including factory conveyor belts and safety barricades. Be creative and use them for more than sidewalks!
  • 121 doors/windows.
  • All those doors again, but double-size
  • All those doors as objects (colorable / fixed color)
  • 35 terrain patterns (duplicated as patterns and included as red-tinted ‘colorable’ patterns)
  • 22 tilesets.
  • 11 terrain patterns (not colorable) that have transparency for shading and lighting fx
  • 31 pillar objects (as colorable and not colorable)

Doors include barricades, doors with keypads / codes. Floors include a variety of different industrial and tech styled floors. This is all very much an ‘interiors’ pack, feel free to combine it with some of my other Space Packs if you want to build a space station set in space instead of on the ground. Battle Stations! Space Map Kit with Tech, Suns and Star Tiles DungeonDraft and PNG pack!

Demo of DungeonDraft sci-fi walls and floors by Kye Fox.
Demo of DungeonDraft sci-fi walls and floors by Kye Fox.

If you want some more interiors, try out my Cyberpunk Apartment! It has some awesome lights and items that will work well with this sci-fi pack. Also consider Cyberpunk Bar, Club and Recording Studio for Dungeondraft (and PNGs) Update: Now Tagged! and Sci-Fi Infrastructure, Rubble, Ruins and Robots for DungeonDraft, Wonderdraft and Other World Mapper.

Factory catwalk dungeondraft sci fi floors walls doors lights demo
Demo shows floors / walls / terrain from this pack and lights from my cyberpunk packs!

So Many Space Packs


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July 22/2022: Added a .docx file where you can click on the link for downloading instead of just the .txt file.

Jan 27 2023: Bug-fix on the .json files, changed the auto color of a couple of the smart double tiles, added a .preview. Recommended to get the updated pack if you use the most recent version of DungeonDraft, it's found by redownloading the same file.

Feb 7 2024: Updated to include all doors as double sized, all doors as objects (colorable and fixed color), 31 pillars and 11 transparent overlay textures to adjust lighting/even out severe textures in a scene. Renamed pack, so it might cause things to break.


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