Ti’s Space Ships for Wonderdraft


22 unique space ships for Wonderdraft. They come in 3D art style as well as colorable cartoon style with lineart, in small and large, in fixed color and in colorable.

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Space Ship Token Markers for Wonderdraft

Space Ships symbols for Wonderdraft. 22 unique symbols.

These are the same space ships from 80 Space Ships for DungeonDraft except set up for Wonderdraft. If you already own the DD version and want this one, just contact me via email or Discord or a message inquiry.

Comes in small (512×512) and large (2000×2000) and in 3D art style and lineart cartoon art style, plus fixed color, colorable in 1 tone and colorable in 2 tone. Fixed color includes 3 different faction colors. Plus it includes a shield asset.

Preview of space ships for Wonderdraft Preview of space ships for Wonderdraft

Space background theme comes from Solar System Maker for Wonderdraft and Battle Stations! Space Maps for Wonderdraft. I would strongly recommend picking up one of these packs as well if you want to create space scenes in Wonderdraft rather than just placing the space ships on a standard overland map.


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These are the same as 80 Space Ships for DungeonDraft

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They come in large (2000x2000 pixels, suitable for use for a very large feature on a map if you wanted to say, place world information over top of a crashed ship) and small (512x512 pixels), suitable for use for location markers.

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How to Install

Unzip and place in your Wonderdraft assets folder.