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Solar System Maker with rings, moons, atmosphere, stars and more!

All the pieces you need to construct a realistic solar system map: planets of 3 sizes, asteroids, a scientific range of suns, rings, atmospheres, and starfield backgrounds.


Open up new worlds and interstellar travel for your party with this realistic planetary bodies pack. Perfect for space-centric games with future lore such as Starfinder, Traveller, Warhammer 3000, and any game set in space. Also suitable for crafting a fantasy astrology system and designing new lore based on the elements seen in the sky. Designed to allow the crafting of a solar system, there are 177 planets of 3 different sizes as well as optional atmosphere, clouds, rings for each size. A few of the obvious offenders were included with baked in rings or atmosphere for the earth-like planets, but all of the options exist for you to add on your own if you have a better idea. Planets are 512 pixels, giving them a print size of around 1.5 inches.

Moons! Just too many possibilities to bake them in, so I included 2 options for single moon placement, 1 double moon, and 3 diverse multiple moon spreads with variations. If you layer these you can outright coat a world in moons at your convenience. The single moon placements come with an optional atmosphere cover. Stack them however you please.

Rings! I included a few preset ringed planets, but even more ring options exist for each size of world if you wish to add rings to any planet.

Celestial objects! Suns are a given, and the suns range from smaller blue, white, green, yellow, orange, red in a scientific range of heat based coloring, plus a few extra large supergiant stars. Options for binary stars and a trinary star are included. There are also asteroids, nebula clouds, and a black hole, one on its own and one eating a star.

Starfield backgrounds! There are seven included, appropriate for use on a square map, 5600×5600 pixels. Maps range from sparse to dense fields of stars.

Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out my other items, and enjoy making your own custom solar system, galaxy map, or dimension of celestial spheres for your players to set the stage for an epic galactic encounter between Empire and Republic. These are the spheres you’re looking for. Use these awesome space balls for the planet solar system map making it is intended, or get your players to fight Saturn and Jupiter in a death match tournament pitting planet on planet and sun on star. Really, I can’t tell you what to do with them, just have some fun!

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