Ti’s Fog and Cloud Symbols, Assets and Theme...


Clouds and fog themes, assets, brushes, textures and frames for Wonderdraft.

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Clouds and Fog Assets and Textures for Wonderdraft

8 kinds of fog, cloud, smoke assets in a few different styles. Cartoon cloud, big fog, small fog, maelstrom, fluffy cloud (realistic), puffy cloud with shading, strange cloud and long fog strips. They come in colorable, sample color and fixed color black sets, plus a set with everything at 30% opacity for blending. All assets that would be good brushes are also included in a folder for brushes.

It has some small maelstrom assets but if you want more and larger ones, grab Ominous Storms: Whirlpools, Hurricanes and Twister… or Ominous Clouds: Rainbows, Lightning Storms, Magic …

It has a few different frame styles for if the default vignette isn’t doing it for you.

It has 8 different textures in clear blue, dark stormy, grey and sunset colorations, in 2 different sizes.

It has 7 themes preset with the textures included in the theme to make an easy start to your sky domain map design. Preview of all themes included in the above image: two clear skies, three stormy skies and two sunsets presets. Use to make air domains, castles in the sky, dreamscapes and whatever else you can imagine needing various clouds and fog assets for.

Everything is .png files that you can pull out of the Wonderdraft specific configuration if you want to use them in another program, although it is very much made for Wonderdraft.

Wonderdraft Clouds and Fog Assets and Textures Installation

There are three folders, which need to go into your Wonderdraft folder.

The asset pack goes into the Wonderdraft / Assets folder.

The brushes folder goes into the Wonderdraft / Brushes folder.

The themes go into the Wonderdraft / Themes folder.

Clouds fog smoke and plumes for Wonderdraft themes assets textures sky domain map clouds cartography air dimension
Storm theme, perfect for a nightmare dream world.


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How to Install


Download .zip from Google Drive link. Unzip. Place in Wonderdraft assets folder.


Download brushes .zip from Cartography Assets or Google Drive link. Unzip. Place in Wonderdraft brushes folder.


Download themes .zip from Cartography Assets or Google Drive link. Unzip. Place in Wonderdraft themes folder.

Wonderdraft folder typically found in C:Users(your username)AppDataRoamingWonderdraft