Avoro: Corrupted Isles


The land is getting more and more corrupt! Shades of purple emerge, what have we done?
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Avoro: Corrupted Isles
A corrupted theme created for the most corrupt isles.

Corrupted Isles is a standalone theme in the Avoro family. Corrupt your islands and maps with this theme!
The theme includes loads of customized colours for your colour palette and comes with new label presets.

Place all files in the .zip file in the root folder of Wonderdraft

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The Avoro family has got you covered with loads of assets and themes for specific map themes like this one!

[button=https://www.cartographyassets.com/threads/avoro-a-family-of-assets-and-themes.41/]Check out the Avoro Family![/button]

Example map



  1. BunnyOfDoom1976 (verified owner)

    First Wonderdraft, then Avoro! Your work has been awesome, with out the Avoro assets I would still be struggling putting simple themes together. Thank you.

  2. glubtier (verified owner)

  3. glenchild (verified owner)

    Combines well with the Magic Forest theme.

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