TBE Height Map 1.4 Theme


Allows colored height map similar to Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator


This theme includes all 101 colors assigned to levels of elevation in Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator so that you can create Wonderdraft maps of similar depiction.

I’ve never had success with transferring a black & white Wonderdraft heightmap export to Azgaar’s Generator – especially if I’d already made the map and was realizing I wanted to import it to Azgaar after the fact!

Using this theme, you color your map as you’d like the height map to be, then export as a normal JPG. In Azgaar’s Generator, go to Tools > HeightMap > Erase > Image Converter > (pick image) Open > Auto-assign colors using generator scheme > Complete the conversion.

Have fun!


  1. Halcyoun

    Unfortunately seems to crash Wonderdraft v. 1.1.7
    I tried creating a new map using this theme and without loading any extra assets of various sizes and each time Wonderdraft crashed before creating the blank map ūüôĀ

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