Symbols of War: Battlemap


Generals! The enemy is approaching! We must make a plan!
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Symbols of War: Battlemap is a custom theme for Wonderdraft that enables you to create both simple and stunning looking battle maps in combination with other assets in the series.
Make use of the label presets, custom colour palette and theme settings to make your battle maps look amazing!

Wonderdraft installation
Place all files in the .zip file in the main folder of Wonderdraft (C:UsersUSERNAMEAppDataRoamingWonderdraft)


  1. BathorysGraveland (verified owner)

  2. KainAudron (verified owner)

  3. tnova9

    Trying to figure out where the extra symbols and such are; I didn’t see a symbol category for this pack, and im unsure of how to make an enquiry so i find myself phrasing my question here

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