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Avoro: Political Atlas


Conquer the maps!

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Conquer the maps!

Avoro: Political Atlas is an easy-to-use standalone theme in the Avoro theme series.
The theme is a modern version of the Avoro: Political Conquest addon and is easy to use and turns your map into a modern political map!

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  1. tjachiet

    The zip folder we download only weights 312Kb, with just one pdf document in it. Where is the actual asset ?

    • Joshua Chunick

      That is the asset; It’s a Wonderdraft theme which sets the colour palette, various WD tool settings and, in this particular theme, the ground texture to a solid colour (of which the file size is very small due to it being only one colour). There’s also an assets folder and themes folder along with the PDF in the zipped file. It’s those two folders you need to move to your Wonderdraft User Folder where 3rd party assets go. You can get to that folder by going into Wonderdraft and clicking Menu then Open User Folder. Then it’s a simple matter of copying and pasting those two folders into the user folder or selecting and then dragging and dropping those two folders in the opened user folder. Make sure to restart Wonderdraft after copying the themes over.

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