Ti’s 10 Colorable Compasses for Wonderdraft ...


10 Compass / Magic Circles for Wonderdraft and DungeonDraft: comes in colorable, preset color and lineart that assumes the color beneath it versions.
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Compasses and Magic Circles for DungeonDraft

Includes all of the shapes as preset color, colorable, lineart, and as lights! Use for cathedral / church / fancy window lighting or make your magic circles light up with eldritch power!

Compasses and Magic Circles for Dungeondraft as fixed color, colorable, and lights

Compasses for Wonderdraft

This pack includes 10 compass designs for Wonderdraft! They come in Colorable, a single Preset Color, and Lineart that samples the color underneath. (PNGs can be used in other programs, but most of the PNGs are all in the R G B coloration for Wonderdraft so they may not be THAT useful unless you retint them to something more user friendly as they are lurid blue/green/red by default)

It also includes the letters N E S W in a fancy font (Penhurst), with and without a stroke.

They’re around 3-4 inches at maximum print size. A variety of designs, including Celtic Knot and Skull.

Keep scrolling to see the designs in preset and colorable!

10 Compasses for Wonderdraft
The “preset color” version. These colors cannot be changed.
10 Compasses for Wonderdraft
The Colorable Asset version. These colors can be changed. 3 color channels are used so you can fully color the compasses to your heart’s content.

How To Install Compasses in Wonderdraft

Simply unzip and place in your Wonderdraft assets folder (by default: C:/ (your username) / appdata / roaming / Wonderdraft / assets) and then restart the program.

You will find them under the Symbols pallet as Ti’s Compasses in the dropdown, sorted into 3 folders based on how they behave.

How To Install in DungeonDraft

Place .dungeondraft_pack in your DungeonDraft assets folder while the program is off. Open the program. Click on ‘assets’ and check Magic Circles and Compasses for DungeonDraft. Then make your map!

Idri Stormlands by Epsilon
Check out what you can make with Cartography Assets! This Wonderdraft map by Epsilon 7430 shows a compass from this pack, a frame from one of my other packs, a storm from one of my other packs, and mountains by Anzhc!


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Sept 2/2022:

I added a .dungeondraft_pack which contains the compasses as fixed color, lineart, and as lighting with blurred and unblurred versions of the shapes.

I added an extra set of fixed color shapes to the original Wonderdraft pack: mystic blue, requested by one of my fans.


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