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Elvanos’ Mountain Pack


A pack containing 15 symbols: 7 brushes and 8 extras – in 6 color tints, sample color and outline.

Creator:  elvanos

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A mountain pack with hand-drawn outlines and textured backgrounds; mostly made for Wonderdraft (comes packed via the Wonderdraft system), but usable anywhere else (all files come as PNGs).

Contains 15 symbols
[*]7 Brushes for Mountain Brush tool
[*]8 Extra symbols for Symbols tools (symbols tool contains all 15 symbols in 2x size of the Mountain brush)
Comes in 6 color tints:
[*]Default Bleak
[*]Arctic Bleak
On top of it, also contains a black/white version for custom Wonderdraft coloring – fully functional!

Created in mind to best work with the following theme: [URL]https://www.cartographyassets.com/assets/elvanoss-wonderdraft-theme-ralia.50/

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  1. Zakuchi_Umiha (verified owner)

    Great pack for enlarging the variety of mountains. The vanilla version left me disappointed with the choice at hand, yet this pack (partially) fixed the problem. The drawings themselves look great; there is really nothing to complain about. This is simply a very solid asset package.

  2. DinoStompah (verified owner)

    Stellar pack that adds beautiful pre-colored mountains. Be careful, these are quite large with their lowest setting being comparable to the in-app sketched mountains at 35/40.

  3. Lulullia (verified owner)

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