Ralia – A colorful Wonderdraft fantasy theme


A colorful, ink-styled theme for Wonderdraft. Comes in 3 tones, with custom fonts, textures & paths.
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Welcome to Ralia,

A colorful, fantasy-style theme for Wonderdraft inspired by the art style of Inkarnate and similar. The purpose of this theme is to capture a slightly “cartoony”, inked style found in a lot of fantasy art, movies, series, and games while trying to keep at least a semi-realistic color scheme.


  • 3 versions of the theme – Dark, Normal & Light
  • Each version of the theme comes with premade maps for easy tiling and stitching if you ever decide to expand
  • 72 color palette – ranging from polar caps to political coloring
    • The palette itself is intelligently structured into categories for easy navigation – no more endless scrolling for that one color you can’t find!
  • Custom ground, sea, and path textures
  • Custom fonts & custom, premade labels for your making needs
  • Plays nicely with a lot of custom assets!

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Comparison of tints:

Fullsize tints:

Color palette:


  1. DinoStompah (verified owner)

    Its pretty dandy, would recommend if you dont like mixing your own colors and messing with the stain levels.

  2. jchunick (verified owner)

    I’ve not had the opportunity to use it, yet, but I think it’s pretty obvious from the screenshot that this package is packing a lot of awesome!

  3. pierrealex1907 (verified owner)

  4. haksanlulz (verified owner)

    I’m not good at explaining why I like art but I think this does what it was trying to perfectly.

  5. Othman7850 (verified owner)

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That said; I want to make a few things ABSOLUTELY clear:
  • I personally consider the mention of authorship a show of respect for the author, NOT a legal requirement (even if the license states otherwise). This means that if you won’t mention me I will NOT take any legal action NOR should you be excluded from any kind of competition, community, etc. for using this bundle without giving credit to me (if any organizer complains, show them this document and if you don’t believe you, feel free to mail me).
  • The only exception to this being you flat-out pissing me off in some way where I might start strictly demanding the credit.
  • If you make changes to this bundle in any way; please drop an extra file with a rundown of what you changed (preferably with the original packing as a sub-folder/or package file).
  • If you use this in your work, I would appreciate an e-mail linking to what you did. I always get curious about what people do with my work. Yet once again: NOT mandatory.
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