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A Dungeondraft asset pack with… 237 new object assets, perfect for Dwarven ruins. 16 portal doors in stone, metals, and wood. 9 decorative braided paths for decorating walkways. 3 new “wide” stair paths for grand stairs and curved platforms.
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There just isn’t enough stone furniture in the core Dungeondraft to properly outfit a grand dwarven ruin, temple, or stronghold. That’s why I made 237 custom assets to help decorate these unique locations and help create a feeling of crumbling, ancient craftsmanship. All assets are designed to blend with the core Dungeondraft art style, with matching colors and line weights. I’ve also included as many colorable objects as possible, including new Dwarven weapons, water basins, coal-lit forges, decorative runic stonework, and more!

I’ve also thrown in a bunch of new door types, sized down juuuust slightly to hint at the shorter stature of Dwarves. They include big vault doors, stone double doors, thick reinforced metal doors, and more.

Finally, I’m really happy to add in “wide” stair paths. Unlike normal stairs, these stairs are set at a 90 degree angle, and you draw along their width, not their length. Building them up allows for stairs that can contour to any shape or width! Perfect for grand entrances, in-room platforms, and the like.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. ugot2bfunky

    I spent ages trying to recreate the Dwarven braid pattern with default walls and paths before hopping on Cartography Assets and finding this pack. It’s exactly what I needed!

    All of the assets are fantastic, fit in great with the default style, and have outstanding color support. A+! Well worth the money!

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