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A Dungeondraft asset pack with… 636 new object assets, nearly all of them colorable, including ferns, jungle plants, flowers, orchids, mossy logs, roots and fruits. Odd plants like Corpse Flowers (Titan Arum and Rafflesia), massive Elephant Ear (Colocasia), and the swiss-cheese-like Monstera Deliciosa. 5 New Paths: Mossy Root paths in four distinct widths for creating unique branching root and log paths, along with a new twisting vine path! 1 New Light: Dappled sunlight! Create the feeling of a overhead canopy as spots of sunlight peek through the trees. 2 New Terrain Brushes: Mossy and non-mossy root systems for quickly drawing in complex root networks. Complete with height maps so you can draw them over other terrain types!
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Are you sick of being forced to place temperate forest trees in the middle of tropical jungles? Yeah. So am I.

Behold my biggest asset pack so far… nearly double my usual asset count! Rainforests and jungles are teeming with biodiversity, and so is this asset pack! Over six hundred plants in multiple sizes and configurations. I’ve also thrown in a ton of pre-colored orchids, and colorable flowers, to add amazing splashes of color to the jungle greenery. To tie it all together, I’ve taken the existing Dungeondraft exposed root assets and expanded them with tons of new variations and sizes, including two terrain brushes based on them! Now you can simply paint in complex interlocking root systems (complete with height maps, kinda like the Dungeondraft-standard gravel texture) to save tons of time. And when more definition is needed (or you need to bridge a river or bring those roots and branches over other assets) I’ve added four different widths of mossy root and branch paths that can be easily mixed together in any configuration you choose! And if that wasn’t enough, I threw together a new light that represents dappled sunlight shining through the canopy above! Oh, and don’t forget all the jungle fruits like Durian, colorable Melons, bananas, dragonfruit, and more!

This one took me months to put together, including tons of research and reference photos. Hope you enjoy it, and it makes your tropical settings a bit more unique and memorable!

Enjoy, folks!


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