Avoro: Lush Forest

A lush forest, with shades greener than ever before!


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A lush forest, with shades greener than ever before!

Avoro: Lush Forest is a theme in the Avoro (theme) series that is great for bringing your forests to live!
With an easy-to-use colour pallette and other presets you will quickly find yourself painting in your forest landscape.
The theme is specifically made to give your forests a lush and fresh look and comes with many different shades to fit your every need!

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-BY-NC-NS license.

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You can use this asset for personal, non-commercial use. You can also use it for mapping competitions (provided you give credit) and printing via a commercial third party for personal use. Still in need of a commercial license? Click here


  1. glubtier (verified owner)

  2. RuanCaenMar (verified owner)

    The images in the ad look beautiful. Downright mouth watering, but it will not load into Wonderdraft via Mythkeeper, and neither does it load using the instructions given to you by the developer to drop it into it own folder in the Wonderdraft folder. Nothing works. I got tired, spending more time trying to install it than use it. The developer needs to work harder on easing installation, then, they will probably have hundreds of glowing reviews. No one can review something they can’t use.

  3. PsychoWedge (verified owner)

  4. Silverfoxdmt73 (verified owner)

    Looks fantastic, but like the above reviewer, i have followed the instructions but the Theme does not appear on my list in Wonderdraft. Any tips on how to install this correctly?

  5. tjachiet

    When i download the asset, the folder only contains a pdf on how to install the asset. For those asking before, there is no tip to in stall this correctly as there isn’t any asset behind the download button. Same goes for political conquest and political atlas. Or i am missing another download button, i don’t know. The assets look amazing, please let us download them !

    • Joshua Chunick

      I’ve followed the instructions myself to ensure they were correct, and they were. If you need help getting to the User folder then launch Wonderdraft, go to Menu and from there select Open User Folder. This will open the user folder where 3rd party assets are placed. Now, there is also a themes folder in that zipped file. That needs to be copy/pasted or draged/dropped into that opened user folder. If you already have a themes folder it will just places the contents of the zipped themes folder into the user themes folder and all is good. After relaunching Wonderdraft you should then see two themes in either the Themes menu popup or from the dropdown when creating a new map: Avoro – Lush Forest (Addon) and Avoro – Lush Forest (Standalone).

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