CyberTroll’s Classic Collection – The ...

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CyberTroll’s Classic Collection – The Elven Realm
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Due to feedback received this pack has now been
remastered at a higher resolution and clarity.
All previous purchasers have received a free

This is a massive asset pack, consisting of 630 unique highly detailed assets.

A long time in development.

The pack consists of:

  • 8 large Elven castles.
  • 11 Elven prefabricated building groups.
  • 16 Elven building styles.
    Each consisting of numerous variations of each style. 247 buildings in total.
  • 22 Elven castle fragments.
    Can be used to augment existing castles of build your own.
  • 73 Elven ruins.
  • 7 Elven wall styles.
    Each consisting of numerous angles. 38 walls in total.
  • 83 Heraldry shields.
  • 148 Miscellaneous objects.
    Consisting of standing stones, carved stones, plinths and platforms, alters, monoliths and tombs.

Assets to help you shape your Elven Kingdoms.


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All original custom made assets.

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Can be used on variable sized maps.

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