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CyberTroll’s Ultimate Tree and Flora Pack

CyberTroll’s Ultimate Wonderdraft Tree and Flora Pack. 


The pack consists of:

  • All brushes contain 10 variations of each (except for the mix brushes – see further down).
  • 2 Tree types. Deciduous and Evergreen. Both with “Dense” and “Sparse” brush types.
  • The Deciduous tree brushes come in the following versions:
    • Summer foliage
    • Autumn foliage
    • Winter foliage
    • Snow covered
    • and dead / petrified versions
  • The Evergreen tree brushes come in the following versions:
    • Standard foliage
    • Snow covered
  •  6 different grass types:
    • Fern
    • Long grass
    • Marsh grass
    • Wheat
    • Scrub
    • and Clover
  • There is also a Grass “mix” brush with 9 random grass types.
  • 5 different flower types:
    • Flower grass
    • Sunflower
    • and 3 types of Wild Flower
  • As with the Grasses, there is also a Flower “mix” brush which contains 22 random flower types.

All assets are in isometric view and are normally coloured. 

The are 27 different plant types / versions with 10 variations of each (expect for the 2 mix brushes).

All in all 281 variations.

More information

The item has been verified to work with Wonderdraft.

Extra information

All original custom made assets.

Can be used on variable sized maps.

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NR license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

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