Snow Capped Mountains for Wonderdraft


This asset pack adds 10 custom color snow capped mountains to Wonderdraft in a way that matches the style of the mountains that come standard with the program.
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One of the things that always bothers me about the assets that come with wonderdraft is that there are no snow capped mountains. How can you have a fantasy map without snowy mountains?!?! …Okay well, I know that its more than possible, but still! So I said to myself, “if wonderdraft doesn’t come with it, then I’ll make it myself!” and so I did, and this is what I got.

I hope you like them.

Please make sure that you know how to get custom colors working in wonderdraft. If you do not, please check the documentation. I have a link to a helpful video there.


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How to Install

If you're having trouble getting the custom colors to work, this video might help:

Helpful hint:

change the colors of your mountains you have to pick those colors under the
symbols tab (looks like a castle). The color on the left will be the color of the stone. The color in the middle is the snow. Then you can go back to the tree tab
(looks like a tree if you can believe it) click on the set you want to
use and go for it.