40 Custom Color Trees


A total of 40 Custom Color, ready to use, trees for Wonderdraft. 5 pine, 5 oak, 5 mangrove, 5 palm, 5 eucalyptus, 5 dead wood, 5 aspen and 5 Giant Sequoia.
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If you’re looking for a huge boost in quality to your maps, look no further than these 40 highly detailed custom color trees. Having a verity of different species of trees and colors not only helps immerse your audience in your map but also helps show the different climates and unique features of any given area.

Have a more arid magical climate? Boom! Pink and white Eucalyptus trees! Want an elven forest? Bam! Gold and silver Aspens! Want a spooky swamp? Bang! Dark green mangroves and gray-brown dead wood! Need a strange tropical island feel?  Purple Palm trees! The only limitation is your imagination.


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How to Install


1. Unzip the file

2. Find your asset folder in Wonderdraft

a. usually located in: User>[your name]>AppData>Roaming>Wonderdraft>assets

Or open Wonderdraft go to Menu>Preferences>General>Assets
& Theme Dir. Copy file location in your file directory.

3. drag and drop the file in your Wonderdraft assets file

4. Enjoy

If you're having trouble this video might help


Helpful hint:

To change the colors of your trees you have to pick those colors under the symbols tab (looks like a castle). The color on the left will the color of the tree trunks. The color in the middle is the foliage. The color on the furthest right does nothing. Then you can go back to the tree tab (looks like a tree if you can believe it) click on the set you want to use and go for it.