10 Mushrooms, 10 Squoads, and a Wizard’s Tower


21 custom color assets in total. 10 Mushrooms, 10 Squoads, and a Wizard’s Tower.
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These assets are perfect for a bright (or sinister) mushroom forest with a bunch of unique fantasy flare, sure to draw eyes towards your map. Add in a wizard’s tower to get your audience asking you all kinds of questions about the world you’ve built.


What is a Squoad?


No one really knows! Most people agree its somewhere between a fungi and a tree. They come in all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes (for you to customize!). Often they are found in mushroom forests. Every few years, in the center of its curl, a Squoad develops a large nut seed, known as a Squeed. When the Squeed is ready, the Squoad stretches out and plops down the Squeed as far from the mother Squoad as possible. Just watch out, each Squeed can wight up to 200 lbs! The juicy Squeed nut is edible if you can get through its thick heavy shell, known as the Squell. When the Squeed’s Squell splits the Squoad is born and is no longer edible.


If you’re interested in how I draw my maps, world building, or funny D&D stories check out my youtube channel



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Common Issue: Transparent Mushroom Parts


If you find that parts of your mushrooms are see-through go to the symbols tabs in wonderdraft.Click on the castle.

the top right of the screen are the three customizable colors for all
your assets. The color furthest to the right is set as transparent.

on this color. A box pops up. There should be a little eye dropper on
the top. Click on that. Grab another color from a symbol on your map
using the eye dropper.

This sets the color to a non-transparent color, and can now be customized as you please with out the mushrooms looking partly ghost like.


How to Install


1. Unzip the file

2. Find your asset folder in Wonderdraft

a. usually located in: User>[your name]>AppData>Roaming>Wonderdraft>assets

Or open Wonderdraft go to Menu>Preferences>General>Assets
& Theme Dir. Copy file location in your file directory.

3. drag and drop the file in your Wonderdraft assets file

4. Enjoy

If you're having trouble this video might help