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High resolution planets and space features for DungeonDraft and Other World Mapper.
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XL Planets: your feature presentation

All of my previous planet packs have had small planets for “solar system regions”. UNTIL NOW! High Res Space features huge 3000 pixel planets! This pack is so big I had to split it into 4 .dungeondraft_packs!

XL feature presentation planets suns moons rings space stations black holes nebula lights patterns terrain paths for DungeonDraft dungeondraft_pack png generic pack for VTT virtual tabletop roleplaying game Other World Mapper map making stock cartography science fiction sci-fi space

This purchase includes four packs for Dungeon Draft!

Pack 1: XL Colorable Planets, rings and atmosphere.

Pack 2: Preset color XL planets, rings and atmosphere

Pack 3: XL Planet “overlays”, colorable only. These are transparent alpha versions of the planets that allow you to stack, mix and match with different colors in order to make unique planets with the colorable feature!

Pack 4: XL Colorable and preset space features: suns, moons, black holes, a cluster of asteroids, a weird design I dubbed “alien hologram”, plus several seamless nebula and star field backgrounds, nebula and star field paths to help you draw in unique spacial anomalies. Finally, this pack includes a bunch of the items as “lights” to bring that space glow to your gas fields!

Because of the unique size of this pack, it is not sized to match the add-ons from my previous space packs.

My previous space packs will pair well for background elements, moons and satellites! They also have lots more background textures.

Battle Stations! Space Map Kit with Tech, Suns and Star Tiles DungeonDraft and PNG pack! (DungeonDraft update: now colorable, with lights and tagged!)

Colorful Space Lights for DungeonDraft

Colorful Space Kit: Planets, Suns, Moons, Rings, Seamless Nebula Starfields, Quasars and Pulsars (Updated July 2022: Colorable Objects and Tags in DungeonDraft)

Space Junk: Space Backgrounds and Resource Markers (Updated July 2022: DungeonDraft colorable objects, tags and nebula lights!)

Solar System Maker with rings, moons, atmosphere, stars and more! (DungeonDraft update: Now Colorable + Tags + Stars as lights!)

Inhabited Solar System Maker with Technology, Celestial Objects, Starfields (DungeonDraft Pack Updated July 2022 with Tags, Colorable Objects, and Lights!)

Ominous Clouds: Rainbows, Lightning Storms, Magic Orbs and Nebulas! (Wonderdraft version now included!)

Ominous Storms: Whirlpools, Hurricanes and Twisters (Update: Wonderdraft Pack Added!)

Planets of Unusual Shape for Spelljammer! DungeonDraft ready and .png pack!

Installing XL Planets for DungeonDraft

Download all four .dungeondraft_pack files from the included .docx file and place in your DungeonDraft assets folder. Activate from your DungeonDraft asset manager!

XL Planets for Other World Mapper

Generic PNG pack is included for use in OWM and in virtual tabletops! Download the .zip files from the included .docx file and place the textures in the Textures folder and the features in the Features folder, or use the in-program image manager to install as desired.

More Space for DungeonDraft

Corridor by Epsilon7430.
A space station made by Epsilon using assets from Battlestations, Portal Rings and XL Planets plus Sci-Fi Achitecture by Epsilon7430. Get the Sci-Fi Architecture pack and match this look for your maps!


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