Cyanotype and Diazotype blueprints
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Diazotype blueprints (light background, dark lines) began to taking over from Cyanotype blueprints (dark blue background, light lines) around 1935 thru 1950. It remained the dominate form of reproduction for engineering plans until the 1990s when large format copy machines began to take over.

This collection contains diazotype blueprint representations of all or parts of the following sets

  • -TygerModernBasics
  • -TygerModernHome
  • -TygerModernCommercial
  • -TygerModernCommercialKitchen
  • -TygerModernRestaurantSeating

This collection contains cyanotype blueprint representations of all or parts of the following sets

  • -TygerModernBasics
  • -TygerModernHome
  • -TygerModernCommercial


  1. SimonLandmine

    This asset set is excellent for producing blueprints for (fairly modern) or pulp heroes to plan their infiltrations of buildings, when they’ve successfully got hold of some plans from the city archives. It’s almost perfect.
    Only one wish … a path tool based on the ‘window’ art, so that it would be possible to create large smoothly curved windows, to fit the 1920s modernist architecture I’m doing!
    But, other than that, this is amazing. Thanks for all of the work!

  2. scaenicus

    The blueprints are tremendously helpful to draw maps quickly and still feel finished. One thing I noticed: Beds are missing 😀

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