Battle Stations! Space Map Kit with Tech, Suns and Star Tiles DungeonDraft and PNG pack! (DungeonDraft update: now colorable, with lights and tagged!)

Battle Stations and other space objects plus seamless backgrounds, for DungeonDraft and generic pack for other programs.


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Battle Stations for DungeonDraft

Jammed full of space station tech, explosions, lasers, planets, suns, quasars and seamless backgrounds! Backgrounds come in a variety of colors and styles, including inverted space for those moments you cross through a black hole and end up in a parallel dimension. All backgrounds tile infinitely, as do the cloud and black matter overlays. Planets come with optional atmosphere and tech ring overlays.

This pack is cross compatible with my previous Space Packs! All atmospheres, rings, and the new tech wings from Battle Stations fit planet size 1, 2, and 3 on these previous packs:

    The Original Solar System Kit
    Colorful Space Kit
    Inhabited Space Kit

Mix and match for a vast, diverse array of planets for your players to explore!

I have several other great packs that combine well with these kits! Space Junk for your asteroid and nebula needs. Ominous Storms for all your enormous whirlpool needs. Ominous Clouds for the really strange things found in the far reaches of the galaxy. Planets of Unusual Shape for all your strange Spelljammer token needs.

System map by Epsilon demonstrating Feed the Multiverse Battle Stations and Solar System
This System map by Epsilon shows assets from multiple space kits by me, including Solar System and Battle Stations!

Installing Battle Stations! in Dungeon Draft

Download the DungeonDraft_pack from the link in the text or .docx file.

Place it in your Dungeon Drafts assets folder then open Dungeon Draft.

Activate as part of your map from “assets” in the top bar.

Installing Battle Stations in Other World Mapper

Features: Download the PNG zip folders and unzip. Place Battle Stations and Planets folders in your Other World Mapper Features folder, found in the Other World Mapper install folder (by default in Program Files), nested into a folder called Battle Stations! So it’ll be “Other World Mapper / Features / Battle Stations / Planets / planet.png”

Textures: Download the JPG zip file and unzip. Place the folder in the Other World Mapper Textures folder. Unlike the features, don’t nest it into a second folder. It will be Other World Mapper / Textures / Battle Stations / nebula.jpg

Or, open the in-program image manager to upload and manage assets without touching the file folder structure.

Space for DungeonDraft

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