Space Junk 2: Sci-Fi Wreckage, Rubble, Asteroids, ...


100 pieces of tech wrecks plus asteroids as single, belts, and fields, suns, and starfield terrain tiles for DungeonDraft and .pngs for generic use.
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Space Junk 2 for DungeonDraft

Includes .dungeondraft_pack with objects, terrain and lights! All objects include a colorable version. Terrain includes both normal version and blendable version with transparency. Install by placing the .dungeondraft_pack in your DungeonDraft folder and activating from the assets manager. Purchasing this pack will give you a .docx file with the download links from Google Drive.

Space Junk 2 space wreckage rubble sci-fi trash asteroids and suns for DungeonDraft and .pngs cartographyassets science fiction cartography assets map making battlemap scifi battlemap
Create the space junkyard of your dreams! Full of pirates and things to scavenge!

Space Junk 2 for Other World Mapper

Generic .png pack included for use in any program you like that supports .pngs. You can use in a virtual tabletop directly, or upload into a program like Other World Mapper!

Unzip the .png folder. You may install directly from the image manager in Other World Mapper or, to install manually:

There are 4 folders inside the zip file.

Navigate to your Other World Mapper folder, found where you installed the program.

Create a folder in your Other World Mapper features folder called “Space Junk 2” and place the “asteroids and suns” “bw rubble” and “color rubble” folders inside.

Place the “Starfield background tiles” inside of the “textures” folder.

Open the image manager or restart the program to refresh the view.

So Many Space Packs

Here are links to all the many other compatible packs I have! Mix and match any number of these packs to create the space landscape of your dreams.


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Procedural generation was used on some of the included assets as part of the workflow. Trained on my 80 ships pack, Battlestations pack, Space Junk 1 and Cyberpunk using img-to-img on ships from 80 Ships and then significant manual masking and mangling to create the junk! Because of this, it should match nicely with my previous photo/3D looking packs.

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