300 Trees, Leaves and Weeds for DungeonDraft

300 trees, leaves, foliage, moss and weeds for DungeonDraft.


Slightly more than 300 different trees, leaves, leaf scatter, foliage, and a few tree shadows set up to use as objects in DungeonDraft. Some of them are recolored versions of the same design. You can see almost everything in the demo images.

Trees from all seasons! There’s fall trees, some spring blossom trees, an apple tree, and even some snow covered trees. Pretty much everything is in the large leafy plant category, there aren’t any pine, spruce, palm or ferns in here.

To install in DungeonDraft simply place the .dungeondraft_pack into your Dungeon Draft assets folder and then activate from the DungeonDraft assets menu when you want to use it.

Disclaimer: if you already own The Leafening PNG pack, you already own about half of this pack as it contains the trees and leaf piles from that pack, but not the isolated leaf pngs or the pathways.

The other half consists of trees and foliage I’ve posted for free on the Cartographer’s Guild gathered together for easy download and install in DungeonDraft. This pack only includes the .dungeondraft_pack and is made to be a convenient installation for use in DungeonDraft. You’re paying for the ease of having them all in one place in the program you love. If you use another program or if you want to save money, you should drop by my thread where you can grab those assets for free. However, you will have to download them one at a time that way and package them for DungeonDraft yourself.

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The item has been verified to work with Dungeondraft.

Extra information

Some of these trees were made with the excellent CanTree plugin! Check it out if you'd like to expand your tree collection yourself, it's super easy, just add in a leaf png and a bark png and you're good to go!

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NRB license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

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You can make a commercial map with these assets.


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