Ti’s The Leafening 1: Leaves, Trees, Leaf Pi...


Turn your summer maps into fall maps with THE LEAFENING. Individual leaves, piles, and trees! Over 300 pieces!
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Fall Leaf Piles for use in any program (.pngs)

This pack has everything you need to turn any summer map into a fall map.

Battlemap scale trees with autumn leaves.

Individual autumn leaves cut out carefully for you to place anywhere. (27 different sets of leaves in original, green, yellow, orange, red, brown, and purple) Sizes vary, but they’re high res, often around 3000 pixels.

Piles of leaves. Scattered leaves. Leaves along edges and corners that you can place into an existing battlemap. Pathways covered partly in leaves with faded edges so you can lay out a road. Size of these vary from little 1 inch leaf piles to large cover to place over a field.

Backgrounds of decay that would be underneath leaves, all seamless, 4200×4200 pixels.

Sample images were made entirely with this image pack and Other World Mapper. To recreate these results install the textures in the texture folder “Leafening-1-background-jpgs.zip” into (Program Files / Other World Mapper / Textures/ The Leafening) and the image elements from the features folder (Program Files / Other World Mapper / Features / The Leafening). Use the textures with the region tools and then place leaf cover, tree shadows, and finally trees and individual leaves.

You can also add the images in a virtual tabletop and drag and drop to create a map on the fly, or use the pieces in any image processing program of your choice. Universally compatible. Enjoy!


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