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Mazlo’s Rocks (commercial license)

Mazlo’s Rocks (commercial license included)

This pack includes 55 topographic rock assets. 

Released on: 3 June 2022
Last modified: 3 June 2022


Yup, it’s time to ROCK ON! Here’s some awesome rock land features!

2K Resolution!

This was a fun one! I love rocks (especially costal rocks), and realized I hadn’t really done too many regional assets…so rocks were perfect for this. Very versatile! I imagine they could be used for cool world map land features, but the especially shine in the closer region/city/area maps! The details are super cool and they are actually pretty modular (even though that was kind of unintentional). Hope you enjoy

55 Total Assets!

  • Clustered Rocks
  • Coastal Rocks (complete with those hollowed our round holes water makes in them!)
  • Rocky Mounds (I guess more like massive granite rock formations)
  • Flat Cracked Rocks

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