Ti’s Concentric Rings City Map (Unlabelled. ...


6 unlabelled variations of a concentric rings city map with slightly different plot hooks, square for VTT and printer paper sized for IRL gaming.
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A round city with concentric ringed streets and walls. Originally
made by me for a city with a caste system where each class lived in a
different ring of the city. These variations include a three with
mountains cutting off part of the city, one with a golden palace, one
with a small pit, and one with a huge abyss with chains descending into
the vast dark. Then one has canals throughout and a golden palace, and
one has the water cascading into the seemingly endless depths, something
mysterious chained up below. Finally, one has the Tavaroth color coded caste system I originally designed the map to have. Perhaps the round shape itself indicates
some ancient alien mechanism left behind, now inhabited by blithe folk.
Will one of these notions inspire your next adventure? Buy this Round
City Map pack and find out what’s in the abyss, or run some city faction

Completely unlabelled, to allow you to decide what to make of this well rounded urban setting. This style of map was developed due to a client’s request of a volcanic
caldera city! Concentric ring cities in this style have become one of my
most popular commissioned items so I thought it might be nice to have
some available at a lower price in my marketplaces. You can of course commission a custom city in this style from me too. My fantasy map portfolio.

5250×5250 square, which fits at 35×35 squares on Roll20, in a .zip file, and then 8.5×11 print size for the traditional game masters. Ready to drop into a virtual tabletop of your choice, or print.

Why not decorate with a compass rose by Anzhc?

Or perhaps some terrible weather? Ominous Storms: Whirlpools, Hurricanes and Twisters (Update: Wonderdraft Pack Added!)


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Non-commercial use always allowed. You can use this in a module or adventure or similar kind of product created for sale, but I would like credit for this because doing a full map is more work than making an asset.

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Made with Clip Studio Paint, Other World Mapper and World Creator 2.

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5250x5250 square, which fits at 35x35 squares on Roll20, in a .zip file,
and then 8.5x11 print size for the traditional game masters.

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