Ti’s Geometric Frames for Wonderdraft


30 frames for Wonderdraft. Includes 12 designs with color/lineart variations, all shown in the example images.
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Geometric Frames for Wonderdraft

Geometric vector styled sci-fi and modern frames and a couple of fantasy illustrative frames for Wonderdraft.

Exclusively a Wonderdraft pack, since it uses the square setup. Styles are all shown in the example images. They have fixed color so not all will recolor nicely, though some of them will. Example theme is Ti Grey Storm from Clouds and Fog for Wonderdraft.

Installation instructions: unzip and place included folder into Wonderdraft / assets folder.

Excellent to use in your space maps made with Solar System Maker for Wonderdraft

Add some sci-fi themed roads with Revenge of the Roads: 88 Pathways


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