[T] Tokens: Modern 03 — Animals: North America


83 unique tokens || 258 total tokens || Dungeondraft compatible, PNGs, and WebPs for VTTs
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This pack contains:
– 83 unique tokens (258 if you include variations)
All tokens have 3 or more variations: Default, Albino, and Colorable
(all unique tokens are visible in the showcase)

The tokens can be divided into the following categories:
– Birds
– Fish
– Mammals

Creator Commentary:
This is the first of the animal series we hope to do for the modern theme, slowly exploring various regions of Earth. Not sure what made us pick North America first, but hey they’ve a nice variety over there! Who knows what’s next in line? Middle-eastern animals? Those of Australia? Or perhaps the polar caps? Either way hope you can enjoy these lovely cuties!  

Token pack specifics:
1. The tokens are scaled to be semi-realistic. This means they are sized to be almost similar to a real human sizes, however they are just a little bit bigger. This is to meld easier player control/visibility while retaining the sense of realism when playing on accurately scaled battlemaps. 

2. The tokens that lack inbuilt shadows allow for accurate dynamic shadows within VTTs. For example Foundry VTT has a modules and macros that allow shadows to adjust depending on what direction the token is facing. This allows for more flexibility, realism and ultimately immersion in your games! 

<- The following demonstration shows the power of dynamic shadows. Notice how the shadow moves
with the rotation of the token. The distance and other minute details of the shadow can be adjusted with some simple script adjustments.

Currently, I am only aware of how to do this is Foundry VTT. 
– It requires: The following module: Token Magic FX
Then you can create and use this macro: Drop-Shadow .txt

(The macro is just an edited version of an existing macro within the module, this edit just removes the odd jitter I found odd). 

3. For those that do not use Foundry VTT or who simply want some drop shadows on their tokens, there’s now a version of that too, see the downloads ending in “_Shadows”. However, know that the Dungeondraft version does NOT feature tokens with shadows.

Downloads (3):
(1)  A .dungeondraft_pack file to use in Dungeondraft. (Scale: 256px per 1:1 grid unit; 256px = 5ft) 
    The DD variant is slightly smaller to allow seamless usage with the in-software grid units. (No need to rescale each asset)
(2) A .zip folder containing PNGs to use wherever  (Scale: 512px per 1:1 grid unit; 512px = 5ft)
Also contains a version with imbedded drop-shadows
(3) A .zip folder containing WebPs to use wherever  (Scale: 512px per 1:1 grid unit; 512px = 5ft)
Also contains a version with imbedded drop-shadows

Free sample version:
Not available yet.

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Personal use only, unless you are subscribed to our Patreon at a tier that allows for commercial usage. 

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