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Cyberpunk Apartment for DungeonDraft and generic (update: now tagged!)

Cyberpunk Apartment dressing for DungeonDraft and generic png pack.


Cyberpunk Items for DungeonDraft and as .PNGs

Around 500 Cyberpunk and Sci-Fi items for DungeonDraft and generic use. View most of the content in the examples!

Household items for a Cyberpunk or modern to sci-fi setting, plus background textures / patterns and the most important for cyberpunks, lighting!

Objects include kitchen, living room, bathroom, office items and furnishing, plus some light splatters. 335 objects, some of which are color variations.

Lighting includes all sorts of colorful streaks, smears and blind-style lighting to give your setting the cyberpunk pop it deserves. Over 100 lights!

Background textures are mostly tiles, rugs and some metal panels. I experimented with making some transparent for maximum layering potential. Some can be tinted and some are pre-colored. (40 terrain, 51 patterns, 13 tilesets)

An assortment of pathways (42), walls (21) and doors (10) with fixed color.

Apartment map by Epsilon demonstrating assets by Feed the Multiverse.
This demonstration shows assets from my Cyberpunk packs as well as Battle Stations and other space kits. It was made by Epsilon to test out some of my packs. Epsilon’s Ko-Fi.

Install in DungeonDraft by downloading the .dungeondraft_pack and placing it into your DungeonDraft assets folder. Activate in the assets window.

Grab the generic pack if you’d like to upload into Inkarnate or Other World Mapper, both are included for your leisure.

Want more sci-fi map-making elements for DungeonDraft? Be sure to grab Sci-Fi Floors, Portals, Walls, Paths, Lights and Terrain for DungeonDraft

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The item has been verified to work with Dungeondraft.

Extra information

Thanks to BlendKit addon for Blender for some of the models used to create the assets.

License information

This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NCR license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

Additional notes

You can use these items in a map that you sell and as part of a composition you use for commercial benefit, as well as personally. Thanks!


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July 14 2022: Added tags to the objects. The download link is the same, so if you purchased this previously and wish to use it with the tags, just redownload it to your assets folder and activate in DungeonDraft!

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