Cyberpunk Bar, Club and Recording Studio for Dungeondraft (and PNGs) Update: Now Tagged!

Cyberpunk Club / Music themed assets. .DungeonDraft_pack and generic PNG pack.


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Cyberpunk Club for DungeonDraft

This pack has everything you need to decorate a place where live music occurs! Get your party on. It has musical instruments: guitar, piano, DJ equipment, drums, amps, microphones etc. It has tables, benches, stools, drinks, drink storage, wine bottles. Alphanumeric graffiti in two different colors. Lighting! Kit out your stages, clubs and party halls with Cyberpunk Club!

What does it have? 152 terrain / texture / tilesets.

15 walls.

32 doors / portals.

45 paths (many are the same as the doors/portals so you can stretch them out however you like)

414 objects.

102 lights. The lighting is exceptionally useful for setting a stage. This will help kick your maps to the next level!

Map of Cyberpunk Club by Epsilon using assets from Feed the Multiverse and PeaPu.
Map by Epsilon with assets from this pack by Feed the Multiverse and also PeaPu’s cyberpunk set! (And also some that Epsilon made which aren’t released as a pack at this time.) The assets from my pack shown in this map include the tables, stools, bars, security camera, “text lighting” and the metal texture at the bottom of the map. 🙂 PeaPu’s got a lot of great assets but the license is different than mine so be aware!

Everything you could imagine and more! If you imagine yourself wanting more, though, WAIT! I have another pack that fits with this one perfectly! Cyberpunk Apartment for DungeonDraft and generic PNG pack has all sorts of household and office items to add to your decor!

Sci-Fi Floors, Portals, Walls, Paths, Lights and Terrain for DungeonDraft has a bunch of sci-fi themed floors and more which will also fit perfectly!

This pack includes a .dungeondraft_pack and a .zip containing all the items as PNGs for you to use in a virtual tabletop or another program, such as Other World Mapper, at your discretion.

The files are tagged in the tag browser as well as with several tags in the file names to make them easy for you to find.

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The item has been verified to work with Dungeondraft.

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Special thanks to BlenderKit addon for Blender.


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