Moulk’s Fading Shadow Paths

This Dungeondraft pack contains 26 fading shadow paths of various lengths and opacities. It is designed to help you shading stairs, in particular curved ones.
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Content of the Dungeondraft pack:
26 fading shadow paths of various lengths and opacities.

Fades are coming in 35% to 0% and 75% to 0% opacities:
– 0,5 x 1 grid square
– 1 x 1 grid square
– 1,5 x 1 grid square
– 2 x 1 grid square
– 2,5 x 1 grid square
– 3 x 1 grid square
– 4 x 1 grid square
– 5 x 1 grid square
– 6 x 1 grid square
– 7 x 1 grid square
– 8 x 1 grid square
– 9 x 1 grid square
– 10 x 1 grid square


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