Cover Your Trail – Creature Tracks and Footp...


Six simple tracks and footprints for all your mystery breadcrumb needs.


[ATTACH type=”full” alt=”1919″]1919[/ATTACH]

This Dungeondraft package contains paths for:

    [*]Cloven Hooves
    [*]Human Feet
    [*]Lizard Feet

The paths are semi-transparent so they will overlay on any texture easily. If there are any other requests, let me know!


  1. Owlbear_Headspin (verified owner)

    Great addition! Simple, but well implemented. My only suggestion would be to make the icons in the Paths tool a little easier to read when you are selecting them. They are basically transparent (like the actual footprints are), and you have to rely on the hover title to tell which is which.

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