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Geordi’s Full Cliff Package


All the cliff essentials you need to add depth to your maps

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This pack has:
cliff material brush
cliff path
modular cliff objects
dark limestone terrain (goes above cliffs if you wish)

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CC-BY 4.0

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Mythkeeper compatible


  1. Mental_Moose (verified owner)

    Excellent work. I especially like that you added the cliffs both as a brush and a path tool.

  2. AlwaysAFK (verified owner)

    Great pack, fit exactly what I was looking for to make a cliff face encounter.

  3. Amalica (verified owner)

  4. Owlbear_Headspin (verified owner)

    Good stuff. I didn’t even know I needed this! This was definitely a shortcoming of the default assets thus far, so thanks for filling a void.

  5. Gimmie Pig (verified owner)

    Great stuff Geordi!! Everything is very useable and works well. Thank you!!

  6. HairySammoth (verified owner)

    Created a CartographyAssets account just so I could review this pack. Great bit of work, really nice design and all works perfectly. Having all the different elements – terrain, path, brush – is a super thoughtful touch. Thanks Geordi!

  7. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    These are very helpful and look great, thank you.

  8. Silren (verified owner)

  9. PsychoWedge (verified owner)

    great work!

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