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Space Junk: Space Backgrounds and Resource Markers

An expansion pack of decor for your space maps, and labels for resource mining purposes. Includes several premade space map backgrounds and pieces to use in your own space maps.


Space Junk to Expand Your Galaxy and Solar System Mapping Horizons!

Install these in Other World Mapper by placing the feature image files in (Program
Files / Other World Mapper / Features / Space Junk) and the as textures in (Program
Files / Other World Mapper / Textures / Colorful Space Kit)

23 Backgrounds of Starfields, Galaxies, Nebulas, Asteroid Fields / Belts and asteroid surfaces! Four are surfaces, and they match the asteroids included in this pack.
20 transparent nebula clouds, colorful plumes of magical dazzling shapes perfect to add color to your backgrounds or use as magical effects.
13 comets in a variety of organizations, suitable for outer space or for magic area of effect spells.
220 resource labels and markers including everything from the Periodic Table of Elements for mining purposes to use in resource management style games and 3 blanks to make your own labels! Educational and scene setting! Keep track of where dangers lie hidden with Danger, Explosive, Warning, Poison, Steam, Hot, Poison, Radioactive, Offgas, Rubble, Wreckage, and Crash Site labels. Mark different areas of a refinery with Gas, Shipping, Receiving, Engineering, Corrosive, Maintenance, Security, Parking, Traffic, Air Traffic, etc. Mark locations and objects with labels such as Casino, Repair, Ruins. Full list of worldbuilding labels included below.
3 pieces of high tech factory equipment to place and mark a mine.
5 asteroids with mines already placed.
5 transparent starfields. Good to place over a nebula cloud to create layers.
57 other asteroid arrangements, from small spread out fields to large singles. These also work great as plain ol’ rubble and rocks in fantasy battlemap settings.
357 assets and items in total to expand your solar system and intergalactic adventures! Make and mine a galaxy! Discover new resources and use them to craft your fictional civilization as you travel the galaxy in games such as Starfinder, Star Wars, all forms of science fiction themed RPGs and more! Excellent for science and chemistry or resource management heavy games.

Use this as an expansion for my Solar System Maker to add even more color to your solar system map. Sizes of items are relatively compatible. Or use to spice up your intergalactic travel with your party as they crawl through space and time itself on quests and collection runs. Designed with the needs of resource mining as a part of gameplay. Be sure to get the Solar System Maker to expand your space maps if you don’t already have it, and take a look at my other sets as well!

What words are included other than every metal and element on the periodic table of elements? Air Traffic, Alien Nest, Bank, Bar, Build Site, Capital, Casino, Charging, City, Cold, Colony, Core, Corrosive, Crash Site, Danger, Drill Site, Drones, Enclave, Engineering, Entrance, Exit, Explosive, Extraction, Fuel, Gas, Hot, Hub, Infested, Inhabited, Jail, Landing, Loose Rocks, Maintenance, Metropolis, Mine, Offgas, Office, Open Pit, Ore, Parking, Plant, Poison, Processing, Quarry, Radioactive, Receiving, Refinery, Refuse, Repair, Resource, Robots, Rubble, Ruins, Security, Sheriff, Shipping, Smelter, Spill, Stampede, Steam, Storage, Tankers, Town, Trader, Traffic, Trash, Village, Warning, Wreckage. If you need other words, there are blanks and everything is downloadable.

Thanks for reading and enjoy making your own custom galaxies full of rocks in space!

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You may use these mapping components as part of a commercial map you have made but not sell the pieces individually or as part of a pack.


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