Mountain Pack 1 for Wonderdraft by Alexet


Elevate your Wonderdraft maps with Alexet’s Mountain Pack 1! Featuring 17 high-quality, 1000×1000 pixel mountain assets, this pack allows you to create breathtaking landscapes in stunning 4K and 8K resolution. Transform your maps with towering peaks, and dramatic mountain ranges, and let your creativity soar to new heights.  Download now and craft awe-inspiring worlds for your adventures!

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Embark on an epic journey of map-making with “Alexet’s Mountain Pack 1” for Wonderdraft! This thoughtfully curated collection boasts 17 magnificent mountain assets, each painstakingly crafted to infuse your maps with depth and authenticity.

Key Features:

1. 17 meticulously designed mountain assets await your creative touch.

2. Each mountain is presented in a resolution of 1000×1000 pixels, enabling you to craft maps in breathtaking 4K and 8K resolutions.

3. Seamless integration with Wonderdraft ensures effortless incorporation into your map-making projects.

4. Elevate your landscapes with dramatic mountain ranges, towering peaks, and rugged terrains, captivating your audience and immersing them in your worlds.

Whether you’re charting the course of a fantastical realm, envisioning a post-apocalyptic wilderness, or creating an epic adventure world, “Alexet’s Mountain Pack 1” is the ultimate enhancement for your Wonderdraft toolkit. Elevate your maps to unprecedented heights and ignite the imagination of your players and readers. Don’t wait – download this extraordinary pack today and let your creative spirit take flight!

Example (4K resolution):

Please note that these assets are available for both personal and commercial use in your Wonderdraft maps. Give your maps the majestic backdrop they deserve with “Alexet’s Mountain Pack 1”.

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  1. alfricbalfour (verified owner)

    These are AMAZING! Honestly the best mountains I have used so far. I really hope this creator makes more assets.

  2. Alexet

    Thank you for review.
    I definetely will make more assets:)

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License Notes for "Alexet Maps" (Mountains pack 1)

By downloading and using "Alexet Maps" (Mountains pack 1), you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Personal and Commercial Use: You are free to use the contents of this pack for both personal and commercial projects.

2. Attribution: While not mandatory, it is appreciated if you credit [Alexet Maps] for this pack when possible, especially in commercial projects.

3. No Redistribution: You may not redistribute, resell, or share the contents of this pack as standalone assets or part of another asset pack.

4. Modifications: You are allowed to modify the assets to suit your specific project needs.

5. No Warranty: The contents of this pack are provided "as is," without any warranty or guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose. [Alexet Maps] is not liable for any damages or losses that may result from the use of these assets.

Please respect these terms and enjoy using "Alexet Maps" (Mountains pack 1) for your creative endeavors. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please contact

Thank you for choosing "Alexet Maps"!

Alexet Maps


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All asset elements are 1000x1000p

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Mountains pack 1.0


How to Install

How to install:

Extract the Folder:

1. Locate the downloaded "Alexet" file.

2. Extract this folder and its contents.

3. Copy to Wonderdraft Assets:

Copy the extracted "Alexet Maps" folder.

Navigate to your Wonderdraft assets folder, which is usually found at:

C:/Users/[Your username]/AppData/Roaming/Wonderdraft/assets

4. Paste the "Alexet Maps" folder into this directory.

Open Wonderdraft:

5. If Wonderdraft is already open, restart it.

Once you've done that, you should be able to access the assets from "Alexet Maps" within Wonderdraft.