Knights and Dragons Clip Studio Paint scales and chainmail brush set


35 brushes for Clip Studio Paint for painting chainmail and dragon scales.
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This is a pack of 35 brushes to help painting chainmail and dragon scales. Many of the brushes are fairly similar, versions that can and cannot be colored with foreground/background color. Some have fixed metallic color for speed painting. The demo image uses green to show which brushes can be colored. On the demo I have drawn a wavy line, a circle, and then some overlapping strokes to show the effect of the brush. You can see all of the brushes in there. I like to have the slightly different behaving options on hand.

Purchase of this pack of brushes gives you the right to use them to make art personally and commercially. Credit is nice but not required.

Knights and Dragons chainmail and dragon scales clip studio paint .sut CSP manga studio brush setThanks for buying the brushes! They come in a zip and are .sut files for use in Clip Studio Paint only. To install them:

Unzip and drag the brushes into the Clip Studio Paint category that you want by selecting them all from the unzipped folder, or import by right clicking in the sub tool menu and clicking ‘import subtool’. I recommend putting them in a Decorations folder.


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You may use these brushes to make art you sell. You may not sell the unmodified brushes. If you make significant alterations, you can resell the brushes with credit.

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