Ti’s Lighting Gel Overlays (PNG and DungeonD...


10 basic shapes in varying levels of opacity to tint, back texture, and mark maps as icons.
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Inspired by theatre lighting equipment, these color gels come in red,
blue, green, yellow, light grey and black. The 10 different basic color
shapes come in 5 levels of opacity: 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and 10%. They
are all centred on squares which can be stretched to change the size of
cover. The squares are 700×700 pixels.

Potential uses for Lighting Gel: Simple Overlays. Use them for
lighting if you want some unobtrusive lamps on a scene. Put text over a
map to make it more visible, or moderately shift the mood with a color
tint. Mark points of interest, on an overland or battle map. This very
simple kit has hundreds of applications in many game styles. A great
tool for the Game Master toolbox. Requested by a fan of my work as a simple GM kit for marking up or modifying a map quickly.


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You can use these on a map you are going to sell; do not sell the items on their own or as a package.

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