Mazlo’s Isometric Mountains 2 (commercial li...


Mazlo’s Isometric Mountains 2 (commercial license included) This pack includes 24 isometric mountains in a topographic isometric style. 
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I never did get around to releasing my 1st isometric pack here (wasn’t happy with the quality), but I’ve had a lot of request for more iso assets. Thus, pack 2 is here on Cartography Assets! Unlike my other packs that have all been top-down, these assets provide the same level of detail and realism, but with at an isometric angle.

(NOTE: Assets come as transparent PNG files. Sample images colored in Photoshop and Wonderdraft)


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This purchase includes a commercial license. This means you can use the assets for your personal AND commercial projects (ie: sell the maps you make with them) without needing to attribute the source (although you can if you like).

What you cannot do is redistribute these assets/brushes in any form: in whole, in part, edited, combined, recolored, etc.

Thank you for your support! It's much appreciated.


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