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Expand your solar system and galactic explorations with Inhabited Solar System Maker! Updated April 2022 to include .dungeondraft_pack! This solar system mapping kit comes with several created technologies which clearly suggest intelligent life is or was present.

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Inhabited Space Stations for DungeonDraft

Find out if space mapping in DungeonDraft is right for you with Ti’s Familiar System Planet Sampler the new free sample pack based on our real life solar system.

Updated 2022: Includes DungeonDraft file with Tags in the Tag Browser! All objects now have a colorable version as well as the preset color. All suns and a scattering of starfields come as lights! Those of you who already bought the pack just need to redownload it and replace in your assets folder to get the updated package! If you have trouble with this let me know and I’ll shoot you the link.

Installation Notes

Install the planet feature image files in Other World Mapper by placing the PNGs in (Program
Files / Other World Mapper / Features / Inhabited Space Kit) and install the background texture image files in (Program
Files / Other World Mapper / Textures / Inhabited Space Kit), or use the in program image manager.

The DungeonDraft download link can be found in the included .txt file at the bottom of the list of downloads.

Install the .dungeondraft_pack by placing in your Dungeon Draft assets folder and activating in the assets manager for your map.

Inhabited Space Sci Fi Map Making Kit Contents

This kit comes with: planets of three sizes, battle and space stations, rings, atmosphere in three shades, a rocket, a space elevator, artificial satellites, exploded moons / asteroid clusters. It comes with a standard array of white, yellow, blue, and red suns, an imploding sun, a Dyson sphere and an artificial mechanical sun with faint mechanisms behind the glow.

The Inhabited Solar System map tile and decor kit also comes with star field and cloudy gas backgrounds, all of which are seamlessly looping textures to make as large of a map background as you need, or use the square on its own to cover a smaller background for a focus planet or simple space encounter. It comes with five “space dock” backgrounds which are transparent, seamlessly looping, and can be used to show a star field and space system behind through the rungs. It also includes a ‘lights overlay’ which can be used to add a scatter of inhabited cities to any planet or battle station surface, or as a unique celestial object in its own right.

If you already have the original Solar System Maker, or the Colorful Space Kit you’ll be glad to know the kits are fully compatible with each other. All of the rings and atmosphere from the first Solar System Maker’s three planet sizes will fit Inhabited Solar System Maker’s planets, and the new rings, atmosphere, space elevator and exploded moons in this kit will fit all of those planets too! Mix and match to your heart’s content.

Planets can cover up to about four squares on a map, they are not full maps in themselves. Suns can stretch to be up to 8 squares. All of these elements are square and should snap into place when paired correctly such as planet size 1 atmosphere to planet token, unless set up without a grid. The space elevator tile is the odd piece out. It requires a 1×2 square coverage to size correctly. The light space elevator will show up on most of the star field backgrounds but the dark space elevator is best paired with a brighter background or overlaid on a sun as a silhouette to pop.

Want your decor on the dangerous side? Grab Ominous Storms for more nebulae!

If the planet you seek cannot be found in this archive… Contact me via the form on my fantasy map portfolio (email or Discord) and your requests could be considered for a future pack! The space elevator and Dyson sphere in this pack were requested by a fan of Solar System Maker 1! Your ideas could also become real, so just let me know. That time your players caused a spacial rift to eat a space station might just be part of the next pack. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new kit!

Space for DungeonDraft


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License Notes

Purchasing this kit gives you the right to make a map using these items and then resell that map. The items themselves may not be redistributed without being used as a component in an original composition of your making. You may use in a professional tabletop game, streamed game, etc. You may modify the pieces.

Map Information
Assets used in Map

Map Size

The star fields and docks are 3000x3000 pixels, seamless looping textures which can be used to make a large map.

The planets fit on a 512x512 square, which will print at a size of an inch and a half.

The suns fit on a 1024x1024 square, which will print at a size of around three inches.

Map Theme
Map Style
Content Information
Software Information
Verified to Work With Dungeondraft
Mythkeeper Compatible

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April 29 2022: Updated to include .dungeondraft_pack. Dungeon Draft version contains textures with alpha transparency and red tint to take advantage of Dungeon Draft's blending and tinting features.

July 20 2022: Updated the .dungeondraft_pack: now includes tags in the tag browser, all objects include a colorable version if reasonable, and I added the suns and some of the starfields as lights to make more interesting space scenes. If you downloaded it already, the download link is the same one in the .txt folder, just redownload it and replace in your assets folder.

July 22/2022: Added a .docx file that has the download link as a clickable link.


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