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Ominous Storms: Whirlpools, Hurricanes and Twisters – now DungeonDraft ready!

20 Extreme Twister Weather Formations in 6 color options. PNG pack and .dungeondraft_pack included!


2022 Update: DungeonDraft ready pack! Install the .dungeondraft_pack by placing it in your DungeonDraft assets folder and activating from the assets button in the top menu.

Install the storm feature image files in Other World Mapper by placing them in (Program
Files / Other World Mapper / Features / Ominous Storms)

Extreme weather formations! 20 magical whirlwinds, clouds, and storms in eldritch purple, fire, ocean wave, and grey stormcloud. Use as natural weather or surreal magical weather, magic effects or discoveries deep in space. 10 are small, at 1500×1500 (3×3 inches at 300 dpi, 10×10 squares at Roll20 size) and 10 are large (2800×2800, 7 inches at 300 dpi and 20×20 squares on Roll20) and represent a variety of different stages of extreme spiralling weather. All downloadable pngs, useful for baking into a map or as overlay tokens for magic effects. Everything stacks well to create more complex whirlwind storms with multicolored tendrils. Place on Screen, Overlay, or Multiply layers to alter the effect.

In the eye of the hurricane… there is violence… ships battered, hulls cracked, a wizard cackles… designed to make ship travel more delightful and fierce. Whether by ocean or by aethership or by technological wonders soaring through the stars, there’s never a wrong time to introduce more natural terrors. Whirlpools waiting to suck a helpless ship into its vortex, spiralling nebulas grasping the hapless vessel… the possibilities for stormy natural phenomena will surely keep your players awake at night… or inspire them to learn to tame the winds and sky, control water, and bend the very clouds to their magical command!

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The item has been verified to work with Dungeondraft.

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10 come at the size of 1500 pixels.

10 come at the size of 2800 pixels.

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This asset pack or map falls under the CAL-NA-NRB license.

This item has been uploaded by the original creator.

Additional notes

Having purchased the Ominous Storms assets, you may use for all non-commercial use. You may use these assets in your commercially resold map, your professional game, and your resold artwork without credit. If you are integrating them into a creation of your own assembly you are good to go without asking or crediting.

You may not resell or repack the assets alone unless you have significantly modified them, credited me, and asked my permission. Ask me: [email protected]


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March 25 2022 update: Added .dungeondraft_pack for easy use as Dungeon Draft objects!

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