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Find out if my space assets for DungeonDraft are right for you with this free sample pack.
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Familiar Solar System Planet Sampler for DungeonDraft

Not sure if making solar system maps in DungeonDraft will feel right to you? Try it out for free with this free sample pack that contains our home solar system. Why adventure in a galaxy far far away when you can adventure right here at home, and imagine futures where we’re in space! Now you can easily lay out our solar system on a map for fun and education, and get a sense of how using one of my space packs would feel before making a purchase. Find my full library here: Ti’s The Frontier Space Library

Use this pack to create an immersive space themed educational resource for your kiddos! Set up a campaign that uses our home solar system as a base for space exploration. Perfect for your Star Trek campaign! Colonize the moon! Fend off alien invasions! Let your imagination run wild and inspire you to create a better future for us here on Earth!

All assets included:

Ti's Familiar Solar System Sampler for DungeonDraft NASA planet pack

As planet size 1: Jupiter, Saturn, Saturn 2, Uranus, Neptune (all rings as separate elements)

As planet size 2:  3 angles of Earth, 3 angles of Mars, 2 of Venus

As planet size 3: Mercury, Pluto, the Moon

XL planets: Earth, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto

5 asteroids, 1 scattering of moons or space rocks (this one is not photo-based)

Rings: Saturn ring for 1, 2, and 3. Jupiter ring for 1, 2, and 3. Uranus ring for 1, 2, and 3. Rings are artistic renderings by me. If you want some rings for the XL planets you’ll have to grab Ti’s XL Planets, Suns, Black Holes, Moons Feature Presentation

Atmosphere: optional add on for all 4 sizes.

Sun: 1 as object and as light

Background terrains: 1 starfield, 1 nebula

All planet assets include a fixed color “original” presentation and a colorable version.

All planet assets, plus the sun and asteroids come from public domain photography by NASA, who generously allow use of all photographs that don’t include their logo. The moon scattering, the rings and the backgrounds are artistic renderings by me. Ring add on sizing fully cross-compatible with other packs by me. Get my packs here: Ti’s The Frontier Space Library

Pack includes .dungeondraft_pack for use in DungeonDraft and a .png pack for use on a virtual tabletop.


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This pack is for non-commercial use. All of my paid asset packs include commercial reuse rights. If you use this pack to create something you post publicly, you should credit NASA, whose public domain space photography is the primary feature ingredient used to create these assets.

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