Helios Project Icarus Vale Map Set for Dungeondraft


Helios scanners have detected something
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Note: the base personal use pack including assets, and a commercial licence add-on, are both available to add to your cart on this product’s page.  See “Choose a product type” to the right of the pack cover art.

The Helios Scanning Project is capable of mapping distant lands and alien worlds. Unsurprisingly, this project file, codename Icarus Vale, is surveilling a region of clandestine activity scoring high on provoking a Doomsday outcome. We just picked up a big blast of radiation from the lake complex being monitored, so it’s time to gather the hotshots, strap them in, and drop them nice and quiet in that river valley so they can reach the ridge by sunrise and get a proper look-see.

The Helios Project Icarus Vale Map Set for Dungeondraft includes:

  • 5 high-resolution (2K) regional maps in 5 color variants (provided as patterns) – perfect for setting a series of encounters or even an entire module
  • 24 matching map marker symbol objects – 4 shapes and 5 color variants, plus colorable versions (scanner blue, green, yellow, spectrum, and also realistic ground)
  • Roll20 compatible image files – all the maps (JPG, 32×32 grid cells), and markers.

This map set is suitable for all types of modern and futuristic game settings; used as the settings for a series of encounters, an entire module, or as added special flair to a Dungeondraft encounter map.  The scanner maps are decorated with neon grids and contours.  The assets are provided in Dungeondraft pack file format and Roll20 image format for maximum compatibility, creativity, and use.  Note: the maps/patterns are not seamless textures.

This pack is licensed for personal use, unless you have also purchased the commercial licence available on this product page.  Please read my Licence Agreement.

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Sample map “Starship Vicar Map Room”, 10×10 128ppi, featuring a yellow scanner map from Helios Project Icarus Vale Map Set, as well as assets from Sci-Fitecture Pack #1Sci-Fitecture #2, and assets created by Feed the Multiverse:

Starship Vicar Map Room Sample Map

Helios Icarus Vale Promo Image 1

Helios Icarus Vale Promo Image 2


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