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First in series of isometric packs from us. Please, consider supporting at:<3
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This is quite new type of packs for me. I managed to make T.A. draw all that by hand, then scan, and it turned out pretty great. I colored and made everything in pack… Tiling walls are gonna haunt me, making them actually tile was a painful experience.
This pack includes:
42 unique buildings
13 paths that are suited well for creating custom terrain and path-objects.
Clutter brush, tree brush, 3 crop brushes, plus everything as separate objects.
Everything is in at least 2 color variations(lineart and colorable), and all buildings are also in colored version.
+Photoshop brushes!


//Commercial license is here, if you need it//



Thanks to Epsilon and Turambar, as always, for testing all that and providing maps that i’ll show you below:


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1.1:Fixed contrast to be compatible with upcoming addon pack.


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