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This is a Photoshop Kit, that includes hundreds of topographic and grunge brushes, variable textures, most of them in two or more variations, and a template to quick start working with all that πŸ™‚
This kit works with: Photoshop(old photoshop instances are unable to use brushes(100% works on PS 2021+), GIMP(Except islands brushes), Corel Painter(except islands brushes), Clip Studio Paint(probably without islands as well, but didn’t check) and others, if they accept .abr files as brush imports – check with the software of your liking.
P.S. Download includes only link to Google Drive, because i can’t split big single files in to 64MB chunks. (Template weight just shy of 1GB)
In this kit you’ll receive:
~492 brushes of topographic landscapes!(450, if Islands do not work in your software of choice)
330 Grunge brushes(Very pog texturing!)
150 Ink spots brushes
17 textures of 4096×4096 size(9 unique biomes/terrains and their variations)
Huge template that i developed for easier time utilizing everything above πŸ™‚

Notes on pricing
I asked what my testers were ready to pay for that kit, general average was at around 25$, but i had plans for less, so consensus is 20 euro.
(And sale at the start :3)
If you’d like to get only some of things presented here, please wait for their separate release, it’ll happen sometime after that kit.

Video of how i work with that template, creating a map you’ll see just couple lines below
Template will help you to jump right in to process of making maps, it already includes preset textures and layers that i used to create my maps.
I’ve made only couple so far, but they are pretty impressive:
(This is second one, here is a process of making it)
Youtube video with full uncut process of creating map above from start to finish
first map i’ve made in photoshop with my kit – pretty boring and not as pog, i know:
New addition of more matured process of mine, now that im more accustomed with Photoshop:

This kit was tested by my… testers
So far only one map is received, but it’s pretty cool; I’ll update page to include more when/if more will be submitted.
Thanks to Epsilon for map, and to Turambar for quickly making lava rocks texture for Epsilon and letting me to use it in that kit without even mentioning him, such a generous man… That map was made in GIMP.


Please consider supporting me on Patreon if you like what i do :3


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The item has been verified to work with Corel Painter, GIMP, Photoshop.

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