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Tree House: Summer+Autumn


sectional tree-house assets

Creator:  Essendi

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Good day, Heroes! This is an asset pack I made for my Theros campaign. This pack has a total of 107 different assets that can be used to build your treehouse.

What this pack includes:
2 Bases in 2 colors,
10 platforms, 3 in 2 colors,
13 branches in 2 colors
6 crowns in 2 colors,
4 trunks,
2 bridges,
and 10 more assets in 2 colors,
plus 23 more assets without variants.
[ATTACH alt=”Branch (6).png”]2522[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Crown (3).png”]2523[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Light Bug (3).png”]2524[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Platform (10).png”]2525[/ATTACH]
[ATTACH alt=”Branch (14).png”]2526[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Crown (12).png”]2527[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Light Bug (4).png”]2528[/ATTACH][ATTACH alt=”Platform (13).png”]2529[/ATTACH]

If you want to contact me to ask a question o report a bug, send me a mail:
[email][email protected][/email]
or PM me in Discord:

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  1. ZeroGNexus (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff in this pack, all kinds of pieces to really make forest levels and tree homes pop. Can’t recommend enough.

  2. Rebecca Rhea (verified owner)

    This is FANTASTIC! ! ! I love the different color of trees, from orange to the greens. Adds a nice bit of verity.

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