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A Dungeondraft asset pack with… 201 new object assets, perfect for logging operations, woodland clearings, and forested fortifications. Colorable planks in multiple sizes and widths! Finally! Assets include new tree stumps, fallen trees, and variously sized logs (individually and in stacks) that blend in with the vanilla assets… and of course, the saws, axes, and tools needed to fell them. A new log-flume path, and a brand new wall for log cabins! Don’t forget the sausage, eggs and pancakes. 😉
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Nature is beautiful and everything, but sometimes you just need to cut it down! Here’s a brand-new asset pack designed to seamlessly fit the vanilla Dungeondraft asset style, complete with new kinds of fallen trees, stumps, logs, and everything you’d need to fell them. To give you an idea of how much care I put into this, I ended up with twelve differnt kinds of logging axes alone. That’s not counting the skidding tongs, pulp hooks, log jammers, and all the other details that’ll make any inhabited forest area look more realistic. Sawdust piles? Check. Little wooden gashes to place on your logs to show people have been chopping into them? Check. Stoves made out of tree stumps with frying eggs and pancakes? Check. Oh, and you gotta be able to move those logs… so the new carts and sleds will help out with that!

Oh, and finally, I decided to throw in colorable wooden planks and beams. Those things are probably the most universally useful assets I ever made.

Hope you enjoy!


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