Over 180 Victorian-era Steampunk assets for use in Dungeondraft!




Steampunk assets from the Victorian era!

A lot of people have asked for Steampunk assets, I have spent weeks creating a package of over 180 symbols to enable you to create that Steampunk styled map for your story or D&D game. So get your stuff and don’t forget your goggles, we’re going on an adventure!

What is included?

Included are a lot of gears, various machinery, storage, generators, pipelines, levers, gauges, tesla coils, custom floors, walls, doors and windows and more! Everything is packed ready to be used, a Dungeondraft package is also included.

Got suggestions? I’m happy to add more content along the way!

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You can use this asset for personal, non-commercial use. You can also use it for mapping competitions (provided you give credit) and printing via a commercial third party for personal use. Still in need of a commercial license? Click here

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  1. OrangeBoogaloo (verified owner)

    A great set of doodads to help create a fun steampunk environment. Gears! Coils! Valves! Gauges!

  2. KevinCB (verified owner)

    Love what you have here!
    I was able to make a great steam engine by combining your assets.

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