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This pack was inspired by sci-fi popular culture that revels in Brutalist architecture featuring massive, weathered, enduring, ancient-alien-looking buildings frequently topped with various styles of domes.  Design your favorite star base, galactic outpost, or post-apocalyptic bunker.  Many of the assets work well in a fantasy setting too, because orcs really value a solid roof over their heads when the sun is up, and tinker gnomes love LED lighting.  Includes assets for outdoors and indoors.

The Dungeondraft Sci-FiTecture Pack #1 includes over 600 assets and a high-resolution encounter map (note: space ship asset not included).

Pack Feature – Dome Roofs

  • 50 dome roofs – 10 unique high resolution versions in 5 color variants
  • 50 dome caps – 10 versions in 5 color variants (to mix and match with domes)
  • 24 dome shadows – in 100, 75, 50, 25 transparency, 3 sun positions (classic 45 angle, edge lit, and top down) and 2 sizes (dome and cap)


  • 28 tech walls – 5 versions in size and color variants (also provided as paths)
  • 32 stone walls – 8 versions in size and color variants (also provided as paths)
  • 20 floor patterns – stone, tiled, smooth, all in style and color variants (also provided as terrain)
  • 20 metal pipe floor patterns – 10 versions in style and color variants (also provided as terrain)
  • 3 alien text overlay patterns – 1 version in white, grey, black, and colorable variants (all, except colorable, are also provided as terrain)
  • 14 grate patterns, with transparent holes – 1 version in style and color variants (also provided as terrain)
  • 2 lights that match the holes in the grate pattern 
  • 17 alien text paths – 8 versions and variants, including opaque, semi-transparent and metallic
  • 6 sheet metal paths – 1 version in 6 variants
  • 16 corrugated or decorative industrial pipe paths
  • 48 light strip paths – 2 versions in variants of color, lit vs. unlit, and hard vs. soft (blurred) edges
  • 22 tech strips – 5 versions in color variants  
  • 5 colored paths that match default stair accents
  • 19 sharp-edged stair overlay objects – in a range of step counts and variants, including colorable step accents
  • 14 decor objects – 1 floor light, 1 marble sphere, 4 rocket shell holes with variants, 2 hatches with variants
  • 4 massive sci-tech door objects – 1 version in 4 color variants (also provided as portals)
  • 38 normal door objects – 5 versions and color variants, including colorable versions (all, except colorable, are also provided as portals)
  • 8 door frames in variant styles, including damaged
  • 6 window objects – 1 version and color variants (also provided as portals)
  • 16 pillars – square and round in variant styles, including damaged
  • 5 metal lamp objects
  • “Desert Star Base” map, 27×28, webp 128ppi, (to use with tokens, double or triple the map scale in your VTT)

This pack is licensed for personal use.  A commercial use licence is available in my store.

Pack cover art, featuring the desert star base, showcases assets from the Sci-Fitecture Pack, Drylands Pack, and brown stone columns from Architect’s Pack #4 (Desert Empire)

Many Sci-FiTecture assets are also suitable for fantasy and modern day maps, and the assets combine well with those in my Architect’s Pack Series as well as my Terrain Series.  All of these assets mix well with similar style assets by other creators.

Visit for my free maps and to support my art.

Lower-res Sample Map – “Desert Star Base“, showcasing assets from Sci-FiTecture packs, Drylands Pack and Architect’s Pack #4 (Desert Empire)

Sci-Fitecture Pack Sample Map Image


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V1.1 - replaced licence.txt with Google Drive link to licence file.


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